"Mi Pequeño Taller" was born in 2003, with the intention of studying and investigating the different techniques of bobbin lace in a group. Some time later, the original workshop (which started with a few lacers from Guadalajara, Spain) became a "virtual" workshop, with lacers from all around the world.

With the creation of this blog, I want to share with you the information obtained.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


For many years I have been very grateful to ARACHNE, a serious bobbin lace group in the Internet. I have learnt a lot from ARACHNE and I still am. And I have been trying to create a similar group in Spanish, so that all those Spanish speaking lacers that cannot participate in Arachne because they don't speak any English, can have a serious group where they can learn and find themselves comfortable.

So, after a whole year without any activity, I restart the Yahoo group Mi pequeño Taller, with changes. In previous stages of the group, we worked together, studying and analizing the works we did. And now I want it to be a place where to comment and identify laces, where ask and solve doubts and questions related to bobbin lace, comment books, magazines, lace meetings, congresses, experiences...

Mi Pequeño Taller
I hope that Mi Pequeño Taller will be, again, a place of reunion and learning of an activity many os us love. Join us and participate.

But bear in mind the following: a group works if its subscribers work. It is necessary to participate, to collaborate... so that there are new posts and new themes of interest.

NOTE: For all those who don't know me, it is important to know that the group can only be used to talk about bobbin lace, and that personal themes, birthday congratulations, publicity, chains of messages... have to be sent outside the group. This is a serious group for people really interested in bobbin lace.

I also insist in respecting copyright of authors and designers, which means that it is not permitted to upload Pictures or Archives of scanned books or magazines without permission of its authors.

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