"Mi Pequeño Taller" was born in 2003, with the intention of studying and investigating the different techniques of bobbin lace in a group. Some time later, the original workshop (which started with a few lacers from Guadalajara, Spain) became a "virtual" workshop, with lacers from all around the world.

With the creation of this blog, I want to share with you the information obtained.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

New bobbin lace magazine: Vuelta y Cruz/Twist and Cross

I have the pleasure to announce you the release of the
new bobbin lace magazine  
Vuelta y Cruz/Twist and Cross

I hope you find it interesting and that you enjoy making the laces and reading the articles included, all of them original and from lacers from all over the world.  
The texts are both in Spanish and English.

I will be present at the following lace meetings: 

8th May, at Berga (Barcelona)

I will update the information in the magazine's own web:



  1. I like the look of your new magazine very much. Will it be available to buy in shops or only by subscription. Sadly I will be in Barcelona a little too late for the Berga Lace Meeting.

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah. At the moment the magazine is not in the shops. But have a look at http://www.vueltaycruz.es to see where else I will be selling it in April. I hope you can manage to visit one of the lace meetings. But if interested, write to me privately. Have a good time in Spain.


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